Monday, November 9, 2015

Santa Here.... Santa There .... TeamHAHA gives you Santa items everywhere!

To these and more Santa and Holiday items from Handmade and Heartfelt Artists
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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Susan Smith Artist of the Month-November 2015

Susan Smith is a multitalented member of TeamHAHA. She makes a lot of Treasuries for the team!! She has three wonderful stores on Etsy: with wonderful sewn items. with outstanding soap and sundries. that has primitive and folk art decor.
Whew! Susan is a very busy artist. She has been making soap for over 10 years and sewing, needle and wood work much longer. As a child, Susan watch her Grandmother Lillian make beautiful pictures with wonderfully colored embroidery threads, she wanted to learn how and one thing led to another. Susan is marries to her "best beloved Myles. They have three children, Richard, Elyse and Ashleigh and 4 awesome grandchildren. They also have 2 cats – Missy and Bob. Bob is her constant companion. If Susan is sewing, he’s sleeping under her chair. If she's making soap, he sits in the hall watching, but if she is cutting or sanding wood, he closely supervises to make sure everything is done right. He actually has no fear of the noisy power tools!
Susan makes soap in her kitchen and has a sewing studio in a spare bedroom. Plus a small workshop on my patio. Susan says: "I’m truly fortunate my husband does not mind a mannequin in the corner of the great room and sawdust on the patio." A batch of soap takes a couple of hours, an apron a couple of days. The wood items vary from an hour or more.
Quilting would be something Susan would like to tackle. She says: " But I don’t seem to have enough patience to cut up 400+ little squares and triangles. Yes !I’ve tried to learn a couple of times, and someday I’ll conquer this one too." Words of Wisdom for our Teammates: "Keep perfecting what you’re doing. Future plans for Susan? A Gothic novel is in the works! Also:Susan would like to add shower gels and liquid soaps, if she can find the time to perfect the recipes. Favorite Quote: " It’s never too late to be who you could have been." Please visit Susan's shops to see even more of her wonderful items!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

October Artist of the Month - Deena Davis

Deena Davis is a great Leader in our Team and also an incredible Artist. If you need anything digital she is the one to contact. She opened her Website in July of 2004. . Deena started working in Graphic design right out of high school and worked for her local newspaper. She really learned a lot by hands on experience. She also works for a grocery store, designing their weekly flyers and also makes outstanding web and blog graphics.

Deena has a beautiful family with her best friend/husband Ed and three great children (two boys and a girl) Their German Shepard dog is part of the family too and even if she's never far away, she doesn't help Deena much with designing.

Like several of us, she is inspired by browsing through Pinterest and Etsy to see all of the great items. Deena works out of her home and does her designing on her laptop usually in the family room and also in her studio where she works on putting projects together. It usually takes for one printable about 3 or 4 hours to design and for web and blog designs... it can take days.

Her Etsy store: overflows with creative Tags to make your items stand out. The tags are great for instant downloading and can be used as price tags for your items. You can also add additional information about your items on the back.
Also see her bottle cap inserts.

Deena loves to spend time with her family in their backyard. She says:"It's almost like camping, without the tent." She also likes to dabble in her little garden in the summer months and she loves: " Sappy Hallmark Channel Movies--Oh!... and I love to coupon, not extreme by any means, but I have a nice little closet full of things shampoos, soaps, deodorants that I got for “cheap”.

Deena's advise to all of us is : "Make what you LOVE!"

Monday, September 28, 2015

Happy Halloween from Handmade and Heartfelt Artists!

Handmade and Heartfelt Artists or TeamHAHA as we are mostly known by would like to wish everyone a safe, fun and HAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM OUR TEAM TO YOU!

Come visit us October 1-15 on Etsy for our Fall Celebration and Challenge, Search for us using the tag FCCTeamHAHA

Saturday, September 26, 2015